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You need the expertise, experience and knowledge of someone who has trained and worked within Slovenia and internationally across the European Union.†The founder - lawyer Sarah Cooper obtained a Master of Laws in International Business Law (LL.M) and a Bachelor's of Laws (LL.B) from University College London, England. Her degrees are recognised by the University of Ljubljana... In the UK, she worked with one of the top law firms and with an international bank before returning to Slovenia where she retrained and registered as an Attorney-at-law with the Slovenian Bar Association. The diversity of her exposure and contributions to various projects provides the excellent background needed to find best possible solutions. The firmís team of assistants has been carefully selected to meet the high quality of service the firm aims to provide.

In the international world of today it is important to be able to communicate competently and quickly in multiple languages. Our team can comfortably communicate in English at a level expected from native speakers. A combination of our excellent legal expertise and linguistic abilities attracts foreign investors, law firms and other clients concerned with cross-border issues. Sarah Cooper is also a legal certified translator, sworn-in by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. She is one of few lawyers with the capacity to officially certify English translations that are accepted by all government bodies and courts in Slovenia and this gives our clientís an added value especially when participating in local calls for tenders and when filing documents with various Slovenian official bodies like the Securities Market Agency, the Competition Protection Office, the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange...


The main goal of the firm is to provide an efficient and competent service at a standard foreign entities are accustomed to. Implementing this objective was possible due to founderís earlier exposure to most competent work environments in London, UK and it has become the guiding principle in structuring the way the firm operates. The firmís team of assistants has also been carefully selected to meet the high quality of service the firm aims to provide.

The firm belives in continuous improvement of skills and knowledge, and regularly participates in national and international professional gatherings. Attorney-at-law Sarah Cooper is a member in good standing with the Slovenian Bar Association.


The firm has competitive rates and strives to provide value for money through competency and efficiency. For foreign clients, the use of firmís in-house English translation department substantially reduces costs in drafting documents or preparing and certifying their translations for local and international needs.
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"We used Cooper Law Firm for reviewing a cross-border agreement. Sarah’s knowledge and experience proved invaluable to the project.  Since then we always use this law firm."
Richard Hayes from Leeds  
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